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Dallas Auto Hail Repair

Our hail damage repair service in second to none! From zero hassle insurance filing, to fast drop off and pickup, we refuse to let our customers have a bad experience because of a Texas storm!

Paintless Dent Repair Dallas

Most body shops attempt to repair hail damage using traditional methods, which involve sanding and repainting your car. We know better, and your paint remains intact during the repair!

Hail Damage Repair

Paintless Dent Repair is involves getting behind the dent, and rolling out with special tools to achieve factory perfection. We replace panels when necessary at minimum.

Dallas Auto Hail Repair

Hail Repair Damage Experts

Are you looking for Car Hail Repair? We are here to help. We specialize in hail damage repair and paintless dent removal. When it comes to needing vehicle hail repair we know that no one is ever excited to call for help. The reality is you were not expecting this and you want your problem fixed as quickly as possible.

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Paintless Dent Removal Pros

After all, having your car damaged and being forced to drive around in it’s current condition is never something people look forward to. How your car presents itself is a reflection on you as a person. Even if you don’t consider yourself a car person, when you have a car that is damaged, you don’t want people seeing you driving it around. But at the same time you don’t want to have to deal with all the headache that will goes with getting your car repaired, even when using a paint-less dent removal company. You still have to deal with the hassle of calling your insurance company, dropping your car off to be repaired, and worrying about how much it will cost you personally to repair the damage.

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Let Us Take Care Of Your Hail Damage

Then you are worried about the added expense of calling for a cab driver or trying to find a friend that can give you a ride and if the damage  is extensive and you are going to be without a car for a few days then you are worrying about the costs of renting a car all of this can cause you a major headache.

It’s even possible that you have been putting the car repair work off for quite some time because the damage to your car is auto body work and doesn’t affect the drivability of your car. So you are thinking it’s just not worth the all the hassle it will take to deal with your car hail damage repair.

Paintless Dent Repair Cost In Dallas Texas

All too often people drive around with hail damage to their car because they don’t want to deal with a headache. This is a natural reaction to dealing with something that can be a major inconvenience and could end up costing you money. Even though this is a natural reaction it is not a necessary one. You can get your car looking the way it should easily. All it takes is one phone call to our paintless dent removal experts.

Really what you are looking for is not a hail damage repair shop what you are really looking for is a solution to your problem. That is what the team here at Hail Damage Repair is all about we can solve your problem the right way and we can make sure your car is returned the right way. Before you subject yourself to driving a dented car that reflects badly on you ask yourself if you could have the damaged fixed without a major headache and without it costing you wouldn’t you do it?

We can help give us a call right now and we will take care of your Auto Body Repair the right way.

Getting your car fixed doesn't have to be painful!

If you have ever had your car repaired or needed auto body work done then you might view the idea of dropping your car off to be fixed the
same as having dental work without Novocain!

First, you have to make an appointment and for some reason even though you are the customer it is all about when it is most convenient for them! Next comes the waiting, you arrive at the shop to drop your car off and all too often the Auto Body shop acts like they are doing you a favor! If you ask for an estimate a lot of the time they throw out ballpark figures which has no bearing on the reality of the situation. Next, if you ask when the repair will be finished they tell you your car is number 15 in line and they will get to it when they can! Once they take your car you are often stuck with no transportation for you to get back to your life, good luck getting help from the repair shop with that!

When the work is finally finished and they give you a bill all too often other “hidden things” cropped up that they didn’t know about when they
gave you the estimate and now that estimate has tripled! Now if you have insurance that is supposed to take care of the situation you would think that the auto body shop would take care of that for you, but all too often you are stuck dealing with that on your own as well! Even though that is the last thing you want to have to deal with is calling your insurance company and having to argue with them all too often the auto body shop you are dealing with either doesn’t care or thinks it is your problem to deal with not theirs.

All of these things is enough to make you just want to if not forget about your car hail damage problem completely even if you can use a paintless dent removal shop. This is a natural reaction but at the same time, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can have the problem taken care of quickly and effectively without all of these headaches and without having your life inconvenienced. When you come to the team here  we can take care of your problem the right way. We know that if you have a car that has been damaged by hail you are already having a rough day the last thing you need is to go through a bunch of headaches to have someone take care of your car for you.

There is a reason you are looking for help with the damage to your car, you don’t like the way your car looks and you don’t like the way it reflects on you as a person. We can help you fix that problem. Give us a call to learn more (214) 651-4143

There is an easier way!
Right now you might be thinking that if this is what I have to go through to get my car fixed maybe it just isn’t worth it! After all, you have a busy life and being without a car for even a day will cause you a major problem. We understand that is why when we first started Hail Damage Repair of Dallas we knew that we had to do it differently than all the other auto body shops in the area, we had to do it better!

That is why we built our company from the ground up to be as convenient to our customers as possible. When you call Hail Damage Repair of Dallas you will notice the difference right from the start. It starts right from when we pick up the phone we will make sure your appointment is most convenient for you! After all, we know our business is built around you the customer and providing you with great service. When you call us we will book you with a free appointment that is convenient for you! When you bring your car into the shop we will provide you with a free estimate and if you decide to hire us to do the repair work we will waive your insurance deductible up to $1000! That is right! We guarantee your auto body repair will cost you nothing out of pocket! This is all part of our commitment to taking care of you our customer! Not to mention we will handle all of the red tape involved with dealing with the insurance company we know that your life is hectic enough without having to add calling your insurance company to the mix. Add to this the fact that we have years of experience dealing with insurance companies and we know how to quickly cut through the red tape.

We also know that you can’t stop living your life for even a second if you do things fall behind fast that is why the final thing we offer our customers is a rental car to use the entire time your car is being repaired and that car is 100% FREE to you! Why do we take all of these extra steps that the other auto body shops don’t care enough to do? It’s simple we want to make sure that your experience dealing with us is one hundred percent positive from start to finish! We want to make sure you are happy you called us and you would recommend our shop to anyone else who needs car hail damage repair.

The simple reality is you are our best advertising! As far as we are concerned a satisfied customer is worth his weight in gold! Unlike other Auto Body Shops in the area, we will go out of our way to make sure your one hundred percent satisfied with not only our work but the entire process from start to finish. 

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If you are looking for Hail dent repair services we can help. So why are we the right choice? It is more than just finding a company that takes care of the dent in your car there are a lot of companies that can do that it’s about finding an auto dent repair company that knows how important you are. Who will go out of our way and make sure that not only is your car repaired the right way but your life is not inconvenienced? That is what we truly offer we will take care of your auto hail damage repair without causing a disruption in your life. How can we promise to do this? Because to us, it isn’t just about repairing your car it is about taking care of one of our customers. So if you need help with your car hail damage repair you have a couple of choices you can ignore the problem because you think it will be too much of a headache to take care of and end up with a car that you are embarrassed by, you can call another auto body shop who will make you jump through hoops to get your car repaired and who will make you inconvenience your life to fit around their schedule or you can call the team here at Hail Damage Repair and let us take this headache off your hands.

We will deal with your insurance company we will make sure your appointment happened when it is most convenient to you and we will offer you a free rental car to drive while we do the work so that your life is not disrupted in the slightest. No matter what the situation you are in the team here at Hail Damage Repair can take care of your repair needs the right way and make sure things are handled the right way and your life continues without a problem while we deal with repairing your car and dealing with your insurance.

Don’t let hail damage keep you from getting your car fixed and don’t let the possibility of dealing with an annoyance dealing with the auto body shop prevent you from getting your car fixed. The reality is when it comes to dealing with your repair if you call the right company it won’t cost you anything and the work will be done the right way all while your life continues on without a problem. The team here at Hail Damage Repair knows that taking care of our customers is the most important thing that our business needs to do. That is why when you call us for services we will make sure that your car and you are both taken care of the right way. If you are tired of staring at that hail damage and you don’t want your life inconvenienced while it is being repaired give us a call right now The team here at Hail Damage Repair is standing by ready to help.
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